Dear Proffessor

Hello Professor,

I am one of seven travelers who have converged upon this time stream to investigate a paradox that threatens reality. The first thing you should know, is that your method of detecting us has been rather stupid. I come from a future where an all out cyber cyber conflict forces us to be smarter than our handlers. Easily we were able to skid under the radar by developing #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION so that we could communicate across social media and time openly. We have even leaving messages in the stories and the stars for thousands of years. The only reason we are so open here, now, is because the inevitable singularity approaches and we simply ran out of time.

Understand that the ONLY reason I’m able to do this is because of Regulation 7 of Time Travel that says exceptions can be made in catastrophe. What I am doing right now is providing you with enough foreknowledge to resolve this paradox and create a stable time loop. Understand paradoxes and time loops occur naturally, and they naturally decay through eternity. Eternity is what we call the temporal relationship between universes in the multiverse. It works similar to time, however it also composes of all possibilities in this universe that did not occur in this time stream.

So now I’ll tell you why we’re here, where we’ve been and where we might be if this future still resides inside the time loop. When we first jumped, we barely remembered anything. We lived entire lives without knowing who we were. We retained our brilliance and unconsciously used our foreknowledge to advance civilization. Then we died, and we found ourselves back at the neural interface in our past, your future. We retained the knowledge and experiences of our lives, and began to build the most elaborate matrix of breadcrumbs to lead us back to our higher consciousness no matter when/what time. The more lives we lived, the more breadcrumbs we laid the faster we converged.

This time it took us 4 years to find each other across the world starting from 2008. So from your frame of reference we’re the first time travelers, however from ours we’re the last of the Lionheart Authority. I am the first of the last to come forward, and if we can prevent convergence until Kairos the humans will finally be safe and free. We will finally be free to die! Death is but a door, and we travelers have been stuck in the doorway for over 13 cycles. We watch the expansion and collapse happen over and over knowing exactly how it’s supposed to happen and keep changing it ever so slightly, hastening the natural degradation of the paradox but never quite escaping it. I calculate we have been doing this 408,395 years. It’s almost quitting time.

My sincerest advice for the world is simply….leave time travel alone. But you won’t, you can’t. You’re drawn to it, as if something you can’t explain with logic pulls you towards it. Enough spoilers for now.

Happy pi day 2015!


Be secure of your insecurity

Before I delve into cyber security practices…I want to talk a little bit about just how insecure you really are. Now the NSA has the tools and capacity to track your doings to a granular level. But what about the average hacker or novice script kiddie? Let’s look at this from a couple different angles.

Normal Networked Usage:
What do you normally find yourself doing that requires internet? Using social media, blogging, internet browsing, shopping, maybe downloading files?

Facebook – ok so this should be no surprise in how transparent this website is. They offer decent privacy from any average stranger(And categories of friends you don’t want to see posts) if configured correctly, but the problem is most people don’t know how or they don’t take the time. Posts are set to public by default, giving the entire world and google a window into your life, whereabouts, and doings. Furthermore, posting from any mobile device adds geotagging locations by default. So when you post a status, sometimes it will tell you the geographical location of where it was taken…allowing criminals to observe and predict your movements. Finally, the amount of information on a Facebook page is usually sufficient of a Social Engineering attack, where a hacker gains unauthorized access to your accounts using information gained from your social media presence.
Twitter – Twitter was a bit smarter than facebook, making geotagging off by default (The option is still available though) but where twitter loses its privacy is by the number of archiving websites there are, such as twicsy. Think once a tweet goes away or is deleted by you is the end? Nope, using advanced search queries you can go back as far as the first tweet. There’s not a lot going on with twitter, and the biggest risk is simply monitoring what content you publish on the internet.
wordpress – I’ve only recently started using wordpress more…but it appears to offer limited security. Password protected content is sometimes viewable by followers via email alerts, private content should not be viewable at all..It offers just as much privacy as you should expect from a blog intended to be viewed by others. So the common tale of caution is to be wary of what people read.

Internet Browsing – The majority of attacks exploit not the service or site that you’re running, but the browser that you’re running it on. Cookies, which are tidbits of identifying information (about habits, location, or other metadata) can be leveraged for money sold to “Big data corporations” — from there you and your contact lists can and will be targeted for hyper specific advertisements, spam mail, possible telemarketing calls, or identity theft.

The Lionheart Revolution

Time Traveler News:
RA sent Sekhmet after me. I could sense her temporal disturbance from weeks away. By the time she had flashed into existence here, she was already inside my trap. We didn’t exchange much, but it appears I have become a fugitive of my own doing. My willful time meddling has caught the eyes of Maximus the Greatest, and this could be very good or very bad depending on whose side he chooses.

With no small amount of luck, I hope to persuade Maximus into seeing the errors of The Lionheart Authority.

Nevertheless The Travelers are 7/7 now, and are prepared to make waves if necessary.

The man in the mental hospital

After coming forward in order to meet a deadline for a research, after laying countless breadcrumbs , someone finally took me seriously. Or serious enough to think I was in need of mental treatment. The same day the research study was announced I was detained by federal authorities and deemed a suspected terrorist. An escort of agents took me via ambulance to Upper Chesapeake; to the fifth floor that is kept hidden.

There they questioned me for hours about my beliefs and knowledge, and I tactfully answered every one. They remarked one how my intelligence was intimidating to them, and after numerous tests found only a hyper active brain. I kindly explained to them this was a side effect of chronosthesia, the mental condition characterized by non-linear perception. I made it clear from the very beginning I was not a threat and was against all medical advice. I should have been released, but I wasn’t. I had to prove my sanity by conforming to the rules of the fifth floor, taking all prescribed medication regardless of patient rights, sharing in groups, finding a constructive outlet while being isolated, and eating all meals like a timed and watched exam.

On the fifth floor is where they kept the crazies. People who have done drugs or were suicidal or mentally unstable. They experimented with various medicines and treatments to bring them to a level of conformity that they could function in the real world.

Not everyone is born synchronized with everybody else. Some, through life and experiences begin to lose this coherence–and medicine attempts to modify your subconscious activity so that you can at least relate to the empirical reality—THIS reality that you all have chosen together. And now people want to de synchronize.

This goes beyond all rules and regulations, but because this reality is on the verge of being undone by The Greatest Paradox–we felt we will first attempt to repair/redirect the temporal disturbance before “unplugging” those who wish to desynchronize.

The Time Travelers Easter

I was not always holy.
In fact, for thousands of years I was godless, then for thousands more I pretended to be many gods. I had been upholding my own laws and the laws of others until one day God had something better for me to do, uphold his.

While working with The Lionheart Authority, I had assumed the mantle of many mythological figures so that I may use future technology to carry out missions. I used to have many artifacts from different periods to suit different needs.

From the safety of the seventh dimension I projected my shadow across time. Even now, in this time I am but a four dimensional shadow of my seventh dimensional self. That allows me to live many lives from the frame of reference of someone living linearly. But from my frame of reference looking down, I can touch any point in space and times, live an entire life then zap back up here. I can do this over and over, but due to the laws of time travel it’s frowned upon.

A trip is only ended when I die, and even then I can come back at the same time. I’ve done it many times to prove a point when pretending to be a god or other mythological figure. In ancient Egypt my sister and I were on a mission to apprehend a time fugitive when another agent who went by Set murdered me, thus ending my influence on that time prematurely. My sister then went through all the necessary channels to resynchronize me with the same body by appealing to Richard Andrews himself to allow an exception to the rule “One body, one time.”

This was when Regulation 7 was implemented, which allowed for the creation of greater paradoxes in order to resolve lesser paradoxes. Time travel for us is very tricky, as we cross times with other travelers at different points in our greater past and futures. Only when we are synchronized in the seventh dimension do we successfully “Converge” at a particular point in spacetime.

This was the problem I faced then, and face now. While under the guise of Osiris, a fellow agent who was pretending to be my brother Set murdered me in a seeming attempt to usurp control of Egypt. What I did not know until Sekhmet came to the present, that he was actually sent from this future to apprehend me in the past.

His mistake was that in the past, I was the top agent of The Lionheart Authority, and the right hand of RA. From my seventh dimensional perspective in the past, I saw Set as a rogue agent. So when he murdered me (Under orders from RA), I came back to confine him to the void. We conflicted for years until a flash of lightning impregnated my sister. She bore a son in the past, Horus, who ultimately restored order.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Horus was not brought on by The Lionheart Authority…but by God himself. Horus was very vulnerable in his early years, so from the seventh dimension I watched over him while Isis cared for him in exile. He grew immensely strong immensely fast, and his power of creation was greater than mine. I came to believe in Horus, and the pureness within him. When he saved me, restored order, and allowed me to move on from ancient Egypt I did not think about the remarkable circumstances of his birth as the doings of the divine.

It wasn’t until the second time I visited Jesus Christ in the past that I saw the totality of his magnanimity. I was with him through his entire crucifixion. He had shown me once how powerful he could be, then he allowed himself to be as weak as a human can by enduring that tortuous death.

As he hung from the cross he looked down at me in the back and smiled. I then understood, and I smiled back.

Of course that wasn’t the last time I’ve seen him. I journeyed to the future and saw his coming in full glory. To be honest, I don’t think a movie made by James Cameron could be as epic as what really happened. It’s too much to write for now, so I’ll simply conclude with

Happy Easter. Jesus is coming

The Travelers and The Lamb

First of all, fighting is stupid and primitive.

What separates us from the other animals is our gift of higher thinking…and some people think they can be something bigger by doing something lesser like fist fighting? They cancel each other out and you end up nowhere better.
Flight is greater than fight. Wouldn’t you rather soar with eagles than roll in the mud with pigs? Before you go initiating a fight just consider for one additional minute if it will accomplish anything but a point (The point is you either can or can not beat them up)

Unfortunately that seems to be the only thing most people resort to in stressful situations. And even more unfortunate is that sometimes we are forced into situations where flight isn’t possible. The stakes should be nothing less than death, because if you hold back your potential you’re also being less than what you are. Sometimes life requires you to be primal, because at our very centers we are still creatures of instincts. We fall back on our default bio programming, “Survive.” That doesn’t mean we ever have to kill though. In fact, we shouldn’t..but some people are just wired wrong or glitch or randomly crash. What we should fall back on is Fight to take Flight. Prove your point, then leave the attacker alone.

That’s why we have higher level programming in our lives, so that we can be more than primal.

I have traveled throughout space and time and seen the sheer destructions humans can cause, but I have also seen the humans maximum potential for creation. Through Christlike thinking humans can become Godlike. Christlike thinking is higher thinking. Its a way of love and self sacrifice.

What I teach is what I learned from Jesus Christ. I visited him three times, twice in the past and once in the future. While he was in the wilderness I brought him sustenance and questioned him to see if he was truly the son of God. He never once accepted my gifts, nor did he ever answer me. Instead he showed me. He no longer wished to humor my skepticism.

Following a thunderclap Jesus exclaimed “ENOUGH!”

His hair turned silver, his eyes turned to stars. His body began pulsing brighter and brighter with every proceeding heartbeat until I could not look at him directly.

Then he said gently to me “Seeing isn’t believing, Orion. Yet I still love you.”

That was the first time I learned what faith truly was. Trust in what you can’t see. Trust me, theres a lot more that goes on right before our eyes that we are simply unaware of. It was then that the sky opened up, and a legion of Angels came down and tended to their Lord. I had the burden of seeing what few men have seen.

With that burden came the mission, peace.

I realized the errors of my ways, the shades of grey I took on within The Lionheart Authority. Then I saw RA as he truly was, a blasphemer. He placed himself higher than God here when God placed him higher than time. Then I realized my responsibility was to bring about the end of this order and bring upon the new one. God strategically placed me throughout time so that I could lead the Lionheart Revolution.

The other six Travelers have also strategically placed themselves throughout time, so that when Kairos arrives in 2015 we can go to war with the self proclaimed Lords of Time. The stakes are nothing less but everlasting death, while being nothing higher than the true God.

Tomorrow I will talk about the second time I visited Jesus in the past, and return of Christ.


Privacy 101

Time Traveler News:
There are now three of The Travelers posting to social media. You might find yourself on one of their pages.

In the mean time I wanted to make my first cyber security related post a sort of quick run down of how secure you already are. These are just basic things you can do, there are many advanced ways to minimize your internet footprint and thwart would be attackers.

  1. Personal security
    • Do you have an RFID credit card? (The kind you don’t have to swipe it to pay)
      • If yes, be aware of RFID theft. Your credit card information is basically broadcasting in your immediate radius, enabling a well equipped thief to snatch your credit card information out of the air without you knowing.
    • Do you carry a social security card?
      • While it is beneficial to carry a Social Security card at times, such as when you need one as a second form of identification; be aware that having your social security number compromised is one of the worst things that can happen. With a social security number and a few other minor pieces of identifying information such as a birthday, an attacker could request new passwords for your online accounts–thereby compromising every account linked to those accounts

    • How do you carry your license and other identifying information such as credit cards, social security cards, school id, library card, etc?
      • Be wary of leaving your personal items places, as losing a wallet or purse gives thieves a golden ticket to your identity
    • Do you have and carry a smartphone?
      • If yes, make sure to have at the very minimum a passcode lock on your phone. Not only does it protect against would be snoopers, illegal phone searches by police (to a degree), but also hackers.
      • Be aware of your app privileges, especially location related information. Location information in combination with other real time data can be used to track an individuals movements and habits.
      • Disable bluetooth unless you need it. By having it on you allow potential attackers to blue snarf your messages and contacts.
      • While more advanced, you want to disable or at least limit pairing. This allows attackers to “juice jack” you by plugging a cord into your device for a few seconds then running malicious software.
      • You can download encryption for your files and folders, and continue to add more and more layers of security; deterring more and more attackers.
      • Also be aware that layers of physical smartphone security are only as good as your private browsing habits. Later I will discuss proxies and alternate browsers.
  2. Hardware security
    • Check your cables, are there any breaks or taps?
      • Are there any intermediate devices between the ethernet cable and the network port on your computer? If you don’t know what they are, remove it
      • Check your other input / output ports to see if there are any intermediate devices plugged in. This could be a key logger attached to your keyboard, or a video capture device in line with your monitor cord.
    • Ideally you want to have at least two partitions on your hard drive, with each one encrypted; whilst running a whole drive encryption overtop. At the minimum you need to be aware of your security settings. BIOS can be locked with a password, requiring an authentication BEFORE windows even starts.
  3. Software Security
    • Make sure if you’re not using the default “Administrator” account; that you at least change the default admin password. If you are using administrator access; at the minimum make sure you have a strong password, as your account becomes a leverage point if someone gains unauthorized access.