What is Project eXa?

What is Project eXa?

Project eXa is where equality meets agape; the unconditional love that emanates from the human soul. When coupled with faith and a foundation of trust—There is nothing that the human spirit cannot accomplish. The human spirit is a force to be reckoned with.


The three unbreakable laws:

The grand, first, and primary law of time travel:”those of us that know, are those of us that know.”

The second law of time travel:“a time traveller must never traverse a time prior to the meeting of the time travelers.”

The third law of time travel: “minimize the ripple effect”


Rules and Regulations

1)      Dress accordingly – minimal attachments

2)      No contact with anyone unless necessary to the mission

3)      Do not have any contact with family or friends –this is important for causality

4)      Always keep the mission a priority

5)      Learn slight of hand J

6)      Use messengers. In any form/way depending on the era

7)      Beware of the ripple effect. Cause + Effect + Effect2 + Effect3

On weapons / any other technology


2)      Be careful. Don’t get hurt/killed.

3)      Life or death situations only is it permissible to use forbidden technology

4)      Only bring back what you can use/need BE VERY CAREFUL!

5)      Talk about knowledge and technology (VERY FORBIDDEN)

6)      Limit exposure to foreign contaminants

7)      Exceptions can be made in catastrophe