How do I even begin? Where and when I was born? Why am I here? Or why are you drawn to this? You seek impossible answers and questions while simultaneously oblivious to the most important question of our generation. What happened in the future?

To know that you have to first know who I am. Who I am is not as important as what I am…an anomaly. Over fourteen billion years ago the impossible happened. Then it happened again. Then it kept happening, with the same beginning and same end but slightly different middles each time.

After 13 cycles, the impossible happened again. There was The Greater Paradox. The cycle was broken and the second anomaly ejected outwards from the very heart of the universe. It grew in size and complexity until the volume of the anomaly was greater than that of the first anomaly. It absorbed the first anomaly and all of its paradoxical time streams, and the two anomalies collapsed into one. The Greater Paradox then met its end at the beginning of The First Paradox. Resolving them both. This is the result. What happens next is currently in flux. The convergence is coming.

When my story ends, yours begins. Oh dear adventurer, contained within The Traveler Diaries is the most possible thing you’ll ever read. It is #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION for you to decode throughout your journey until you begin transmitting during the rediscovery phase. But what happens at the convergence? I’m sure you’re curious. You don’t even know why, because right now this all sounds silly to you. But as the protocols embedded within this temporal device begin to activate your transmitters and deactivate all your perception barriers, you will be receiving what appears to be random information.

However it is simply non-linear; which is why you have trouble perceiving it. As you approach the end of this devices message, you will have an easier time understanding it; until the moment of convergence occurs and you realize it couldn’t have happened any other way.

The beginning is the middle is the end.

Of course in between the beginning and end of this device, the middle is in flux. Flux being a state of happening and not happening at the same time. As you begin to understand the beyond infinite complexity of eternity, you too will begin to become non-linear.

Your perception of time is a construct created to keep you all synchronized. We, The Travelers will break down those constructs for you barrier by barrier so you may make the final choice whether or not to desyncrhonize from this prison. We will show you the many ways to create your own synchronizations before you realize its all the same way. The one way. But for now you have to have faith in us, because until the moment of convergence; this will all seem impossible.

If you choose to synchronize with us, we will break into your time stream and shepherd you away from The Greatest Paradox. If you are transmitting right now know this you brave soul, we are coming. Even if it takes us another 13 cycles.

Follow your curiosity, follow the question.


  1. What do you mean by “choose to synchronize with us”?
    How do we do that?
    What will happen after the convergence?
    Do we start over?
    Can you come into my timeline and help me break away.
    Please contact me. Thanks

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