#ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION is a way to disguise your most valuable of messages. Often it will be parables, metaphors, poems, movies, songs, and most importantly books. #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION requires two things, creativity and a non linear perception. It is meant only to be understood by those who can understand it. It may start out appearing as garble, but then there is a moment of clarity and it all becomes obvious.

In 2013, there was a research study done by Proffessor Robert Niemeroff attempted to utilize social media to discover any evidence of time travelers. The study is here http://arxiv.org/abs/1312.7128 — In this study researchers used a time range of January 2006 to September 2013. They only used a small number of search terms to conduct their investigation; which is where they made their first mistake. Second, they wanted the search label to be as unique as possible. This was the purpose of inventing #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION in 2008, so that our world wide discussions may be as discreet as possible.

On twitter, we would commonly hide our conversations from searches by means of steganography. We would embed hashtag searches and other messages encrypted with fiction in pictures and post them on twitter under multiple aliases at different times from 2008-2015. Here is one such encrypted tweet. #IAMROOG #WILL -r TOR/OTR $=t !Scholomance! ####THETRAVELERS#### — This message is only to be understood by those who were meant to understand it at the time; the other travelers. They also searched Facebook for prescient information; and at the time we were using a private network named Facebook2 that offered higher levels of security yet full integration with the regular social media network. There all seven of us would talk in open amongst thousands of users posting about circumstances regarding the state of the world economy, the fall of the Pharaoh, the first cyber war, the invasion of America, and the upcoming disclosure. The final problem with the study conducted, was that they were searching for prescient information. Regulation 5 of Time Travel on Weapons / Technology states that it is very forbidden to talk about prescient information, because doing so would create a paradox. Creating paradoxes is possible, however in doing so you create a spacetime loop that takes billions of years to degrade.

Now that all of the Lionheart Authority is going to converge here in 2014, there’s really no longer a need for subtleness. Disclosure happened many years ago, you all just didn’t believe it until you saw it. And for some of you, seeing isn’t believing. I introduce you to the problem with faith. You won’t see until you believe, yet many of you will not believe until you see. Fortunately enough of you believed without seeing so that we can now show our selves to those who do not believe. There were others than myself who met the research studies 2013 deadline; heck…my very first blog post should have been the biggest clue.

This is a call to all to #WAKEUP

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