The irony

I can’t seem to control the queuing of my blog posts recently. I try and hasten their publishing, but wordpress always reverts back to the initial dates I had set for certain posts in 2013. They’re coming though, as is the convergence. But it seems I can’t make it happen any faster than it has to happen.

You can’t force a caterpillar into a butterfly.
When it is ready to change, it will build a chrysalis.

And an old Travelers poem.

Birds of a feather flock together.
White rabbits, grey foxes, and black cats play together;
While dragons pray together.
I have been to the bottom of lake Cocytus.
I was summoned to the top of the spire.
I chose to live in the middle on earth.

9 thoughts on “The irony

  1. ….. I want to ask you a question which is most likely very important to you. As being your first person to post a reply to your 4-5 posts it may be your first time doing this but maybe not.

    Anyways here’s the question where’s Cocytus. Is this like an ancient ruin lands, or some sort of place spiritually?

    • It’s in the world between worlds. The void earth that the Lionheart Authority placed outside of spacetime to contain temporal fugitives, as well as other extraterrestrial threats. The surface is pitch black and cold, but contains a VAST array of subterranean tunnels deeper into the mantle where its warm. In the lowest still frozen pit called lake Cocytus there is a sealed dungeon. Inside this dungeon are the worst offenders, blasphemers. These are travelers of human or extraterrestrial origin who have assumed the mantle of gods. I too have assumed already historical names, but only to maintain history. I do not claim to be a god, but when you travel far enough back with sufficiently advanced technology; that’s exactly what you’re treated like. Instead of telling people the truth, I let them come to their own justified conclusions. After all, who I am to you depends on who you are to me.

      If I fail to succeed in diverting The Greatest Paradox; myself and two others of The Travelers will attempt to break into this dungeon again and rescue some very old and tired souls. We will then make a final stand in Ireland at the hell gate to decide who are the true lords of time. God is on our side, RA is on theirs. While The Lionheart Authority may possess godlike technology, we possess faith and trust in God. Whatever happens is all part of his greater plan, and if that means the dissolution of The Travelers….then perhaps its finally time to let go of our perceived responsibility.

      Regardless, the Travelers Diaries is already queued on wordpress, !SCHOLOMANCE! The Prodigy and the Prodigal Son is queued to be released in ebook format in 2016..which is entirely #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION and meant to be read like a linear narrative. This blog is meant to be non-linear so that people could sequence events for themselves, do their research, and thus come to their own conclusions. But I do have my particular reasons for releasing certain things at certain times. Everything has already been calculated and some information just can’t be accepted until some foundation is laid. I couldn’t just release !SCHOLOMANCE! because nobody would understand the information embedded within it. By 2016 when it’s released, people will know exactly what to look for.

      • So a world that’s like a prison that’s a death trap if you stay on the surface and warm and survivable on the inside. A lake that reminds me of the pit of fire (hell) where the worst people are located. You talked about if you failed you go back to the dungeon AGAIN. Does this relate to paradoxes or something that will resurface in time later on. The Lionheart Authority is religious. The bible may provide answers to questions that will be asked. Your calculated plan is to give us infomation so that by 2016 we know exactly what to look for in that book?

        Also don’t get your calculations wrong. I’m sure that you have seen plans go wrong and it would be REALLY bad if something went wrong.

        2016 is your deadline lets hope it comes out at the end of 2016

      • 2016 is my goal to have all the breadcrumbs spread across the internet for people to follow on their own accord. And yes, the Lionheart Authority is deeply religious…and has aspects of many religions because it spans many periods. But you hit it pretty head on…except answers aren’t just found in the bible or !SCHOLOMANCE!….they’re found in history too.

        And your foresight is dead on again, the dungeon plan is only in the event that we haven’t changed anything and are on a set course for paradox reset…a new cycle of 13. Best part is, if we fail you probably won’t even know…there will just be a disappearance in traveler related posts in the future, as we will have departed

      • I encourage you to create a blog where you can post and research breadcrumbs from all corners of the internet, not just here. I’m not the only one doing this, but I may have done it in the most complex way. For good reason too, my information is only supposed to be received by those who can perceive…and about half of my posts have double or triple meanings regarding perception and thinking. In short, keep reading and you’ll find yourself exceptionally smarter. Blog your own and you will help make other people exceptionally smarter!

  2. The breadcrumbs are all over the internet. I know this. When I have time I look for these crumbs to follow possibly to the end. Right now I am busy getting an high school education maybe later in life I may make a blog about these breadcrumbs who knows. Anyways I know i am following other breadcrumbs as well. I am not the only one doing this. You got other people doing this and I know that we should get more people into it.

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