Time Traveller Challenges

There is no such thing as a stupid time traveler. Any individual who claims to be a traveler must be prepared to meet challenges. Any legitimate traveler crafts his words so precisely that he doesn’t say too much. There are challenges that simply can not be met as of this time and universe. The most common challenge will inevitably be “go back in time and do xx before xy” and that is a rather stupid exercise in itself. The act of going back would create an immediate divergent timeline which does xx before xy. People in universe A would see a failed test result while Universe B wouldn’t have conceived the test and would be skeptical nevertheless of a self fabricated challenge.

For eXample. Say a challenger on wordpress wants me to go back into the past and give them the name of the next pope before he became pope. This challenge would be precisely “Long live Pope Francis!” and I accept. Except now I have to go back in time to meet that challenge, leaving this time behind and failing the challenge in Universe A immediately, as everything will continue to move forward here as I haven’t yet done it yet. I arrive in Universe B and make my posting the day before his big day. Time moves forward in universe B and the challenger conceives the challenge, does their research and discovers it was already completed by a stranger who they have not yet encountered. This could then be written off as a coincidence or evidence of time travel….however it also means that it had to always happen that way in that universe. Then The Greater Paradox would be immediately apparent and there would be an international search for that person, with the hopes that they will divulge more future knowledge and technology, not limited to but including time travel.

And any sufficiently intelligent enough individual would be able to predict this outcome and either want to avoid it, or find themselves in a room with something like me. Fortunately The Travelers have a way of identifying hoaxes rather quickly through a series of questions

Orion’s Time Traveler Challenges

1. Are you a sovereign entity or do you operate under the authority of something else?
A. If a sovereign entity, what is your purpose for exposing yourself?
B. If being governed, what is their mission? Names are not necessary.
2. Are you alone?
3. Do you have a birthmother here?
A. If yes, how do you reconcile that with your time traveling claim in this period?
B. If not, prepare to have your entire web presence investigated
4. Do you act in accordance to any rules?
A. If yes, what are they?
B. If not, how do you reconcile the consequences of your actions?
5. What kind of technology do you possess here?
6. Do you know the mechanics of the technology you have?
A. If yes, explain and be prepared for every detail to be researched and compared to present day understandings
B. If not, can you explain the reasoning as to why you have it?
C. Elseif not, what would you most closely compare it to?
7. Will you divulge any near future events? Within 5 years?
A. If yes, don’t tell us what happened….tell us how it happened or why it’s going to happen that way
B. If not, what are you willing to share?
C. If nothing, why come forward? Refer back to challenge 1

All seven challenges have to be answered before any assessment can be made. If they are met and tested positive against current understandings, the reason for that will also have to be answered. Then I will ask one more question to which I will not post here.

The stupid get separated from the smart very quickly when they attempt this series of challenges. And if they’re stupid, they’re not a time traveler, they’re a target.

Shoutout to John Titor, who when challenged by one of us years ago proved only his lack of understanding of Hawking radiation and micro singularities by failing to reconcile the massive explosive force emitted within the first moments of a micro black hole popping into existence. And even if he could return with an answer for that today, at the time he did nothing to explain why a Chevrolet is stable enough or even efficient to survive a trip through his dual-evaporating quickly-micro singularity whatever. I will give him some credit as an excellent wordsmith…however he disappeared when he could no longer keep up with the debunking.

I invite any potential travelers to meet my challenge.
To those that have met my challenge already, your anonymity is preserved unless you want to be known here.
Those of us that know, are those of us that know.

1 thought on “Time Traveller Challenges

  1. Well one thing I noticed was that these challanges (very good security questions for identification) were your challenges. So does every traveller have a different set of challenges?

    P.S glad I am not going to answer those challenges.

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