The Greatest Paradox


I could get right down to it and explain what happened, but you wouldn’t understand unless you already understood. And if you don’t currently understand you probably won’t until it’s too late. But fear not, I have a backup plan. A worm that will soon spread through the internet seeking out those who are seeking me. I already have a botnet comprised of 6 million pc’s around the world, the M@tr!X. I don’t utilize it as much as I could, normally only borrowing a small percentage of processing power to do some calculations I wouldn’t have been able to do with the technology computers currently have today. Don’t get me wrong, quad core is ok….it’s just not as powerful as I thought it would be.

Anyway, my investigation of the time fugitive was quite successful; and my ulterior campaign has started to flower quite nicely. We are now in a stable time loop, as opposed to a state of fluctuation. Damn convergences always do this, and with more and more travelers coming forward and backwards I’d say I accomplished this just in time. Past, present, and future are currently back in harmony. The convergence of 2015 is gonna be a doozy. So might be April 1st, I fear.

You see…many travelers from my personal universe, which six of these clever buggers are….have adopted a tradition during times of convergences. Aside from reminisce about our past convergences…we reveal our tricks. I contend that The Travelers are the greatest pranksters in all of time and space, and none more so than I. I invite any time traveling reader to challenge me this April 1st…as I have already pranked the world many times in the past. I know Loki will surely challenge this, but he lacks a punchline…often he just likes to just stir shit up or create paradoxes. For half a cycle he took my golden pocket watch and messed with the time, and each convergence I went to I’d always either be late or way early. Its difficult for me to stay linear, so I need a clock synchronized with this universe to stay with y’all. You see, I use a different measurement of time –cycles. In the future after the singularity occurs, the universe is calculated to near infinite precision. Seconds are so slow for me, our standard is the frame. Your optical sensors can only perceive 23 frames per second, so herein you see the problem with my perception when I try and stay completely linear.

Let’s talk about frequency on the note of perception. You may be able to process 23 fps, but you can process on multiple frequencies as well; increasing your perception and potential. Aside from Chronostheisa (which many of you are already and just don’t know it yet) I also suffer from Synesthesia, a bleeding of the senses. I say suffer because if you could hear light and see a greater view of the electromagnetic spectrum you’d understand. I also have to consciously filter other frequencies…radio waves like rainbows are literally all around us, all the time, the entire planets radiating with energy and it sounds like a jet engine in my ears. That’s why I prefer to carry out the majority of my operations in isolation out in the country; far from the closest town. It’s still rainbowtastic out here….but nothing like the glowing, pulsing, vibrating, howling of energy in the city. It’s also why I prefer to spend my time in the Renaissance and not the digital age.

Anyway, by consciously increasing your HEMI you create a bigger impact on the universe. Collectively, the potential is beyond infinite, as individual potential is limitless. Not physical potential–biologically we have reached our physical limitations in this present form. Mentally though, thoughtspace is infinite. In my time humans and machines interfaced together, merging cyber space with thought space and let me tell you…the possibilities are beyond anything you can currently conceive. The human potential for creation is what separates us from the rest of the universes life.

Start unlocking yours.

Also, for more eye opening blogs stay tuned, as I’ll be posting raising some hidden gems regarding time travelers.
One of my new favorites is the story of Maxwell Hammer

And finally, I’ll sum this up with a visual representation of The Greater Paradox to inspire.


3 thoughts on “The Greatest Paradox

  1. Well 1st of Maxwell Hammer is good to check out if you’re interested.

    Anyways chronesthesia means the mental ability to be aware of somebody’s past or future. In other words to know somebody’s past (history) or future (what’s to come).

    Synesthesia is a NUEROLOGICAL PHENOEMON (well in our time) where stimulation of ones cognitive pathway leads to an automatic experiences of another cognitive pathway. Long story short Orion has different nueroimaging patterns in the brain compared to the “average joe”.

    Orion you pointed out 23 FPS as our optical sensors mathematically for those who are too lazy to work it out we are looking at close to 2 million frames a day 725 million in a year etc.

    Finally m@tr!x if you type it in on google. We see a matrix service company.

    Some people may ask why I am doing this research? The reason is because I know I will reflecting to it later on. For any of you smart people I suggest you read everything and plot things across multiple mind maps so when the time comes we know what to look for come 2016.

    • Yes, and the 23 fps isn’t entirely accurate either. We can *recieve* way more than 23 fps, however our brains tend to only *percieve* at about 23 fps, some say 30. But that’s exactly why movies are shot in 24 fps….to create a smooth experience distinguishable from reality. Recently they also have been pushing for higher frame rates in movies, which can be used for a few effects. They can create seamless slow motion sequences, as well as create a more lifelike experience like The Hobbit. Above 40fps your brain has trouble distinguishing it from reality. In my time, we had holographic movies shot at 300fps with the scene projected all around us.

      Beat down had the right idea, and is way ahead of many of you. But I am receiving messages from people across other sites in search of breadcrumbs to which I say…google and bing are your friends. The information is out there, consider it the worlds largest longest scavenger hunt the prize of which is higher consciousness

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