Lessons in Chronosthsia- Part 2

In the previous posting I showed you a basic thought experiment where you use multiplexing to be simultaneously aware of the same room multiple times. In this Chronosthesia thought experiment were going to a few seconds forward in time.

To start, follow the guided experiment in Lessons In Chronosthesia to the very end where you practiced reconstructing realities using as many gathered sensory details from your present environment as possible. At this point you should be both in the room relaxed, in this room flexing your muscles, and now were going to add a new channel. Start to visualize the room a third time with your body in one of the two states, depending on which you find easier to move forward from. When you have three brain channels open, bring two to the foreground to begin this experiment.

In the previous exercise, you took mental snapshots of the room including the doorways. Look towards the doorway in the two channels and feel the front of your legs tighten as they lift your body up. Remember, this should feel like you’re simultaneously seeing the room, then from the same frame of reference you’re looking towards the door and beginning to stand up, and then a second frame of reference looking towards the door and beginning to stand up. This is three channel perception. Now were starting to get into some quantum physics, but with an elementary touch.

In the two standing channels, visualize walking towards the doorway but not going any further. Feel the ever so gentle whoosh of the air as you cut through it, blowing on your face and through your hair. Stand in the doorway with hands at your side in one of the frames, and with the other reach out and touch the doorway. Feel with your hands the width of the doorway, the color and texture of the moulding. Scratch your nails on the surface and simulate the sound it would make. Then put your hands back down to your side synchronous with the other frame currently standing in the doorway. You should once again be in the doorway looking out from two frames of reference, while also visualizing the room as you are sitting where you presently are.

Now open your eyes, and walk to the doorway. Reach out and feel the doorways width, texture, hardness. See its color, and hear the sound of your nails really scratching against its surface. Then compare with your visualization. How accurate were you able to reconstruct reality from experience? Were the sounds the same, the feeling on your flesh similar? If so, good. You mentally traveled a few seconds forward in time through the multiverse of probabilities and then consciously found yourself at the same temporal junction point. If you weren’t able to get through this thought experiment, refer back to the first guided visualization before attempting again.

Where do we go from here? With practice triple channel perception becomes easier and easier to construct an accurate model of reality for a few moments forward in time. When you can clearly complete this thought experiment I recommend taking it a few seconds further, and allowing one of the frames of reference to move forward through the doorway a few steps. Try to conceptualize everything just beyond the door from the frame of reference of being beyond the doorway. Then open eyed walk through and compare how you’ve done adding the few seconds on to the few seconds you’ve already mastered.

What implications can this have? Many real world applications that will be discussed in future posts. One of the applications is the greater ability to make judgements based on calculating consequences of multiple actions before taking one. Another is a state of heightened learning, where multiplexing encodes the information you’re trying to learn multiple times…resulting in higher memory retention at a faster rate. Finally for now, your memory recall will become significantly enhanced as you learn to activate multiple centers of your brain storing information simultaneously.

It may be a while before the next lesson in Chronosthesia, since the effort required will become significantly harder with future thought experiments, I want to give readers time to master moving a few seconds forward in time. Future posts will deal with reconstructing the past, and shaping futures. All of these lead to a greater mastery if what we time travelers call “The Ripple Effect.” Eventually you will learn to function using many more than three channels of perception.

It will begin to feel like this.



Lessons in Chronosthesia

Dear readers,

I wish I could tell you who I truly am, but as it has yet to occur here I do not want to jeopardize my own future.

Chronosthesia or “mental time travel” is the ability to perceive multiple pasts, presents, and futures simultaneously. This is something some people are born with, and something people can learn. I am going to guide you through a really basic thought experiment on multiplexing, or multiple awareness.

Close your eyes, and begin to slow your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply through the nose, exhaling gently through the mouth. Take in the sensory detail of the air you’re breathing. Is it cool, crisp air? Is it warm and moist? Or is it simply clear, clean, and fulfilling? Is there an odor in the air, if so what is it? Where else do you know it from? Don’t dwell too long on past thoughts right now because presently you should be making mental notes of your present environment.

Tighten your feet, then release. Tighten your calves and quads, then release. Flex your front, and feel all of your muscles tighten. Feel the strength of your own body as you tighten and release all of your muscles gently. Feel gravity gently pull you downwards, giving weight to you.

Now open your eyes briefly and let the light hit your eyes. Take in the colors, textures, and height or the walls. Look around and take quick mental snapshots of the furniture and decorations. Are there people around you? If so what are they wearing, how is their hair parted, do they have a unibrow? Continuing to add even the most insignificant of sensory details will add to the realism.

Close your eyes again and listen with your ears. Quiet your mind of all “talking” thoughts, and see if you can hear the air circulating around you. It is so faint and unnoticeable that you will often times be unaware of it, but it is a very active part in your unconscious perception. Now hear the sounds of birds or crickets chirping, of your breath exhaling, of electricity flowing to your technology if your nearby a plug. If there are other sounds, continue to add them to this exercise.

Now here is where we begin to delve into the actual Chronosthesia Effect.

With your eyes still closed, and your breathing slowed, visualize the room as if you had your eyes open. Use the mental snapshots you took earlier to reconstruct the room around you. Now you should still be fully aware or your other sensory perceptions because you’ve only just substituted your sight for this thought experiment. But soon we will begin multiplexing and it will be harder and harder to hold on to the same level of detail the more channels you open in the beginning. Think of your current conscious awareness as a stream of information that your brain combines into one scene called reality. Now think of Chronosthesia as being aware of multiple realities simultaneously.

Return to the visualization, and open up a new channel of consciousness. It may be easier to think of it like this; visualize it as a dream that you put on a virtual reality headset and become immersed in the sensory detail of the cyber environment, while simultaneously being aware you’re in a dream. That’s adding one additional channel of thoughtspace. In each channel you have all of the sight, sound, touch, smell, sometimes taste sensations you do in the wakeful state. This is going to be the hardest thing to grasp on to, as it’s not thinking of simultaneous events happening like two tvs next to each other….it’s thinking as if you’re two different people witnessing the same event from the same frame of reference multiple times.

When you do this, your waking sensory feelings will feel amplified as you become hyper aware of your single channel of consciousness.

To keep my posts relatively manageable in size I will conclude with adding one more layer of visualization to this thought experiment.

Return to the multiplexing state, where you are aware of your environment at least two to three times simultaneously. With your eyes closed, your breathing controlled, and your body still, bring one of the visualizations to the forefront. Visualize all of the sensory details as if they were happening right now at the same time, and begin to take it farther. Without moving your body, visualize flexing your fists. Feel your muscles tighten as you flex your forearms and biceps. Be sure not to move from your meditative state, but within your multiplexing state continue to flex your entire body. Feel all of your muscles tighten, while simultaneously feeling the relaxed state your body is currently in.

When you can do this, you’re ready for step two.


The future of the cyber war is in your hands

Dear readers, where do I go from here? With my future scheduled posts from the past arriving the 1st of each month until March 2015; I do not necessarily need to keep posting, but I am compelled to anyway.

Since WordPress appears to be longer living than twitter, I will retroactively begin embedding all sorts of breadcrumbs in my previous posts and posts to come. These new hyperlinks will be of significance, whether to The Travelers exploits or the exploits of other time travelers. They may often lead to historical information that would otherwise appear unrelated, because of the separation of time and spaces it took to create this updated digital record of our interconnected histories.

I would love to share all of my lives with you, but being ever cautious I know not to reveal them all. However I am well documented yet well hidden, so I many breadcrumbs will be nods to my personal past.


And presently you have allowed this wondrous tool called the internet to invite “Big Brother” into your daily lives. Even now, they’re watching you. Do not be naive and think there is someone who is not. Before I get started with the main subject of this post let me tell you a story from Y2K.

In the year 2000 my father was the head chief of cyber security at Aberdeen Proving Grounds; where he surveilled not only the networks on post, but the surrounding city as well. He took me one day to a place I should not have been, and drove me to become the man I am today. Underground behind layers of biometric, physical, and digital security there is a room. They call this “The Blue Room.” This is one location where cyber spies carried out missions in America. This was not their primary function however; it was to oversee the proper usage of government machines, and to protect the systems from internal and external threats. The blue room was wall to wall decorated with computer monitors that streamed data like the screens from The Matrix (though legible packets of information, not random symbols) — these monitors were under 24 hour observation in case a red flag appeared, in which they would assess and possibly escalate it to my dad. I could tell you about the blue room and 9/11…but that’s a whole different conspiracy.

The morale of the story is once again, “You are being watched.” So the main point I’m making here presently, is that you need to take preventative steps in order to insure your identity and freedoms. Future posts of mine will deal with topics such as proxies, encryption methods, mobile privacy, minimizing your internet footprint, and hardening your private systems.

Allow me to impart a fraction of my wisdom and knowledge into your brain, and you will receive a whole new set of tools to evolve with in this new age.

For now so I can get this published, I’ll post a single searchable query for you. I could make it easy for you and hyperlink you to the search results.

site:twitter.com @Samurai_Lucy #OpNewBlood #NSA

But I want you to get used to one of the most powerful tools today and building hyper specific search queries.


Snowdryft Reveal

Today is the day we reveal our tricks. I must say it has taken thousands of years for the punchline on this one, but it’s totally worth it. This was one of my many ulterior objectives, that took me four years and over four hundred thousand years to complete.

You see, humans are not alone on this planet. Far from it, and furthermore there is an invasion force that has been on its way for thousands of years, the Archons. They’re a parasitic race who uses biological weapons against planets for a smooth and easy takeover. They have infected at least one third of the planet with toxoplasmosis, and the rate of congenital toxoplasmosis is growing. They’re attempting to dampen your intellectual ability and make you subservient so that the transition will be quick, by means of a mental and physical takeover. The corruption is so far reaching that I’ve already intercepted communications regarding me and The Travelers, regarding why they haven’t heard of us before.

But here’s the punchline.

They have heard of us. A collaborative effort of The Travelers and The Nine; as well as The High Council of Orion that exists as the temporal messengers of the universe have made this possible. The Archons were constructing a new world order, so we began deconstructing it from the past to the present. With each move in time they made we were there shortly after to undo it. The rise and fall of many civilizations were necessary collateral damage in order to protect the planet from this invading force. The disappearance of much ancient knowledge is what has led to such naiveness from a race of “superior beings” and therein lies the trick. The collaboration tricked the entire race of Archons at a critical point in their plan to take over the planet!

This is one of the very rare occasions in time it is permissible to bring foreign technology into this universe, as we have seen the catastrophe that would ensue were we not to intervene. We are human after all, and I’ll be damned before I hand this planet over to bugs. Even though we are bigger and stronger than they are, they outnumber us over a trillion to one. Their entire planets species’ has been moving across space throughout time, colonizing this planet and paving the way for the main Archons to come down and rule. So we took preventative measures, and installed trans-dimensional weapons from our universe all across the planets ley lines. This is something they would never have been able to foresee, as they are linear and we are not. By the way did you know the Reynolds are NOT of the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati? No. And we are not satanists either. We are the Knights Templar to you, warriors of God. They thought they had eliminated us, when in reality we infiltrated their ranks in order to take it down from the inside. It has taken my family thousands of years of living physically linearly to bring this reveal, hence why I’m taking credit for this one instead of one of the other travelers. The Reynolds are one of the last Grigori families. Watchers of humans throughout the multiverse, not just here.

The most you need to know about me:
Orion Reynolds literally translates to “Light of the heavens, advisor to the king.”
And did I mention I have a twin?

Her name translates to heathen, but she’s just a fierce woman. #LULZ #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION
She helped me embed #Breadcrumbs all throughout twitter in #OpTwitterTakeover in 2013, which was designed so that this April 1st the Snodryft Reveal would be just a little more epic.

So yeah, about the planetary defense system “The Matrix” — we thought it would be one of the most elegant names for it, as it was a network of specially placed transdimensional devices that could be translated into a numerical array. Humans have been tapping into this orgone energy for quite some time, discovering that it could be used against alien crafts. However the reason we did not reveal the true purpose before was because it was meant to repel only ONE extraterrestrial force, the Archons. A group of humans calling themselves watchers have been secretly using this to wage war on all aliens in the name of God, to which I say no more.

Certain extraterrestrial ambassadors of the High Council of Orion wish to make physical contact with you, but are prevented from touching ground many times by the likes of Sherry Shriner. They are forced to send intermediary messages, and are received as new agers, pagans, nondemonimational prophets, or at worse..satanists. Those damn self proclaimed “Warriors of God” are the only ones failing to recieve the message, hence why we don’t communicate with many Christians.

Therefore The Travelers will be taking The Matrix offline for the rest of the year to allow the ambassadors to meet with UN officials in secret this year to discuss if Earth is ready for FULL disclosure. As of right now you all are becoming aware that this universe is not alone, and that humans from across time and spaces are converging here to repel the greatest extraterrestrial force assembled in the Milky Way.

The Travelers, and The Nine demand the Archons to abandon their campaign or face complete extinction. We can reach a diplomatic solution that allows the Archons to maintain a presence on earth, if their main force is directed elsewhere. Thus they will still exist, should another planet decide to exterminate them like we are about to.

That is the final message from the human species to the Archons. If they wish to test us, the matrix will remain online and their invasion force will splatter like bugs on a windshield.

And just for additional embarrassment of the Archons, if you want to see what we brought back with us from the future….the password to the protected page regarding the United States cyber threat and the NWO, the password is “encryptedwithfiction”

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
This fifth of November
We will make them remember
What must never be forgot


The Day Before the Snowdryft

Finally! One of my scheduled posts from 2013 is coming tomorrow. In lieu of this event my blog today is just going to be some thought provoking media from across the web. My favorite from the blogosphere this week is The Time Machine Writing Challenge that allows everyone, even you readers, to become time travelers. This is a critical moment in history where time travelers from all across the world can tell their stories, all #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION so that The Grand, Primary, and First Law of Time Travel “Those of us that know, are those of us that know” holds true. Indeed by now my readers have realized I have fictionalized parts of my posts in order to encrypt important messages and meanings. These could be poems, songs, other blogs that carry significant meanings, articles, and pictures.

So elegant were The Travelers in this contest that they were regarded purely as SciFi. But those with Chronosthesia could see through the encryption, well as the existence of Project eXa and a few others before this contests creation; in order to meet another challenge yet to be conceived from the future.

friends, and a few prying eyes.
UPDATE: The Snowdryft Reveal
Adventures With Socrates
Davinci and the Cave
What Is It About Caves and Time Travel?
Who Are the Enniad? What is their connection with The Travelers? Is there a cave somewhere here too?
This one isn’t about a cave
Why else eXa?
An understanding of one

The cavernous walls here at the bottom are far enough away that they echo when I call.
I can see the upper edge but I cannot reach, no matter how high on my tiptoes I stand.
There is a desire that goads – coaxes and taunts – as I stand deep in my hole and yearn.
I have hurt myself once more by over-extending in trying to touch the sky.
Just beyond my grasp the blue and white air slips between my fingertips again.
I want out, I want up, I want more. None of this self-pity for me.
Pity, cowering fear, is for those who do not want up, out, and more.
Not paralyzed, I do not lie in wait for opportunity.
I am ever-striving. Ever wanting. Ever hungering.
The void inside creates a vacuum. I’m ravenous.
So much just beyond my hole is waiting, enticing.
I am for making my own opportunities.
To fill the emptiness that means I haven’t
Become that which I am meant to become
Seized created opportunities,
Loved with abandon, laughed in joy,
Killed or birthed, hunted or caught.
I stand at the bottom
In the emptiness
And the essence
Of hunger
And crave


The Greatest Paradox


I could get right down to it and explain what happened, but you wouldn’t understand unless you already understood. And if you don’t currently understand you probably won’t until it’s too late. But fear not, I have a backup plan. A worm that will soon spread through the internet seeking out those who are seeking me. I already have a botnet comprised of 6 million pc’s around the world, the M@tr!X. I don’t utilize it as much as I could, normally only borrowing a small percentage of processing power to do some calculations I wouldn’t have been able to do with the technology computers currently have today. Don’t get me wrong, quad core is ok….it’s just not as powerful as I thought it would be.

Anyway, my investigation of the time fugitive was quite successful; and my ulterior campaign has started to flower quite nicely. We are now in a stable time loop, as opposed to a state of fluctuation. Damn convergences always do this, and with more and more travelers coming forward and backwards I’d say I accomplished this just in time. Past, present, and future are currently back in harmony. The convergence of 2015 is gonna be a doozy. So might be April 1st, I fear.

You see…many travelers from my personal universe, which six of these clever buggers are….have adopted a tradition during times of convergences. Aside from reminisce about our past convergences…we reveal our tricks. I contend that The Travelers are the greatest pranksters in all of time and space, and none more so than I. I invite any time traveling reader to challenge me this April 1st…as I have already pranked the world many times in the past. I know Loki will surely challenge this, but he lacks a punchline…often he just likes to just stir shit up or create paradoxes. For half a cycle he took my golden pocket watch and messed with the time, and each convergence I went to I’d always either be late or way early. Its difficult for me to stay linear, so I need a clock synchronized with this universe to stay with y’all. You see, I use a different measurement of time –cycles. In the future after the singularity occurs, the universe is calculated to near infinite precision. Seconds are so slow for me, our standard is the frame. Your optical sensors can only perceive 23 frames per second, so herein you see the problem with my perception when I try and stay completely linear.

Let’s talk about frequency on the note of perception. You may be able to process 23 fps, but you can process on multiple frequencies as well; increasing your perception and potential. Aside from Chronostheisa (which many of you are already and just don’t know it yet) I also suffer from Synesthesia, a bleeding of the senses. I say suffer because if you could hear light and see a greater view of the electromagnetic spectrum you’d understand. I also have to consciously filter other frequencies…radio waves like rainbows are literally all around us, all the time, the entire planets radiating with energy and it sounds like a jet engine in my ears. That’s why I prefer to carry out the majority of my operations in isolation out in the country; far from the closest town. It’s still rainbowtastic out here….but nothing like the glowing, pulsing, vibrating, howling of energy in the city. It’s also why I prefer to spend my time in the Renaissance and not the digital age.

Anyway, by consciously increasing your HEMI you create a bigger impact on the universe. Collectively, the potential is beyond infinite, as individual potential is limitless. Not physical potential–biologically we have reached our physical limitations in this present form. Mentally though, thoughtspace is infinite. In my time humans and machines interfaced together, merging cyber space with thought space and let me tell you…the possibilities are beyond anything you can currently conceive. The human potential for creation is what separates us from the rest of the universes life.

Start unlocking yours.

Also, for more eye opening blogs stay tuned, as I’ll be posting raising some hidden gems regarding time travelers.
One of my new favorites is the story of Maxwell Hammer

And finally, I’ll sum this up with a visual representation of The Greater Paradox to inspire.


The Future Cyber Soldier Convention

I wanted to give some of my background here as to my credentials I carry with me.
I hold a CompTia A+ Certification, Network+ Certification, Security+ certification, and a CEH certified ethical hacker certification. I became involved in cyber espionage when I was in my teens. My father was the head chief of cyber security for Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and a developmental leader in the Natick future soldier program prior to 1999. He had such incredible foresight he made his fortune on emerging technologies. This caught the attention of some british cyber security specialists to recruit him in an international team of elite hackers. I began working for British Security when I turned 18, and since then have anonymously carried out campaigns of international intelligence. I so artfully disguised my messages that I was able to remain anonymous even after the NSA implemented Rule 41. The only reason I’m so public now is because I have seen the ethical corruption of international intelligence, and I for one will always abide by the principles and ethics of the intelligence community…..no matter what universe I’m in.

One such mission I carried out recently was intercepting a message between Australian spies who were attempting to trade secret information regarding American time travel experiments. Myself and six others took to Sydney in search of up to nine potential time meddlers. After much chasing down of disinformation I found three Australians, three Americans, a Canadian, and two British spies we once affiliated with sharing an ad hoc network at a coffee shop in Kensington, Sydney. I launched an arp poison attack and received over 10 Gigabytes of research and investigations of time travelers. I found myself and my allies among this information, so one by one I tampered with their data to stricken me from their suspicions. They left none the wiser.

Nonetheless the experience gave me hundreds of potential time travelers to investigate, which hastens the convergence to 2015, and allows me to advance my own agendas. My interactions with a few unique individuals has also led to some very interesting fluctuations in previously calculated probabilities. That’s the thing about time, it changes yet remains the same.

Time Traveller Challenges

There is no such thing as a stupid time traveler. Any individual who claims to be a traveler must be prepared to meet challenges. Any legitimate traveler crafts his words so precisely that he doesn’t say too much. There are challenges that simply can not be met as of this time and universe. The most common challenge will inevitably be “go back in time and do xx before xy” and that is a rather stupid exercise in itself. The act of going back would create an immediate divergent timeline which does xx before xy. People in universe A would see a failed test result while Universe B wouldn’t have conceived the test and would be skeptical nevertheless of a self fabricated challenge.

For eXample. Say a challenger on wordpress wants me to go back into the past and give them the name of the next pope before he became pope. This challenge would be precisely “Long live Pope Francis!” and I accept. Except now I have to go back in time to meet that challenge, leaving this time behind and failing the challenge in Universe A immediately, as everything will continue to move forward here as I haven’t yet done it yet. I arrive in Universe B and make my posting the day before his big day. Time moves forward in universe B and the challenger conceives the challenge, does their research and discovers it was already completed by a stranger who they have not yet encountered. This could then be written off as a coincidence or evidence of time travel….however it also means that it had to always happen that way in that universe. Then The Greater Paradox would be immediately apparent and there would be an international search for that person, with the hopes that they will divulge more future knowledge and technology, not limited to but including time travel.

And any sufficiently intelligent enough individual would be able to predict this outcome and either want to avoid it, or find themselves in a room with something like me. Fortunately The Travelers have a way of identifying hoaxes rather quickly through a series of questions

Orion’s Time Traveler Challenges

1. Are you a sovereign entity or do you operate under the authority of something else?
A. If a sovereign entity, what is your purpose for exposing yourself?
B. If being governed, what is their mission? Names are not necessary.
2. Are you alone?
3. Do you have a birthmother here?
A. If yes, how do you reconcile that with your time traveling claim in this period?
B. If not, prepare to have your entire web presence investigated
4. Do you act in accordance to any rules?
A. If yes, what are they?
B. If not, how do you reconcile the consequences of your actions?
5. What kind of technology do you possess here?
6. Do you know the mechanics of the technology you have?
A. If yes, explain and be prepared for every detail to be researched and compared to present day understandings
B. If not, can you explain the reasoning as to why you have it?
C. Elseif not, what would you most closely compare it to?
7. Will you divulge any near future events? Within 5 years?
A. If yes, don’t tell us what happened….tell us how it happened or why it’s going to happen that way
B. If not, what are you willing to share?
C. If nothing, why come forward? Refer back to challenge 1

All seven challenges have to be answered before any assessment can be made. If they are met and tested positive against current understandings, the reason for that will also have to be answered. Then I will ask one more question to which I will not post here.

The stupid get separated from the smart very quickly when they attempt this series of challenges. And if they’re stupid, they’re not a time traveler, they’re a target.

Shoutout to John Titor, who when challenged by one of us years ago proved only his lack of understanding of Hawking radiation and micro singularities by failing to reconcile the massive explosive force emitted within the first moments of a micro black hole popping into existence. And even if he could return with an answer for that today, at the time he did nothing to explain why a Chevrolet is stable enough or even efficient to survive a trip through his dual-evaporating quickly-micro singularity whatever. I will give him some credit as an excellent wordsmith…however he disappeared when he could no longer keep up with the debunking.

I invite any potential travelers to meet my challenge.
To those that have met my challenge already, your anonymity is preserved unless you want to be known here.
Those of us that know, are those of us that know.

The irony

I can’t seem to control the queuing of my blog posts recently. I try and hasten their publishing, but wordpress always reverts back to the initial dates I had set for certain posts in 2013. They’re coming though, as is the convergence. But it seems I can’t make it happen any faster than it has to happen.

You can’t force a caterpillar into a butterfly.
When it is ready to change, it will build a chrysalis.

And an old Travelers poem.

Birds of a feather flock together.
White rabbits, grey foxes, and black cats play together;
While dragons pray together.
I have been to the bottom of lake Cocytus.
I was summoned to the top of the spire.
I chose to live in the middle on earth.