Be secure of your insecurity

Before I delve into cyber security practices…I want to talk a little bit about just how insecure you really are. Now the NSA has the tools and capacity to track your doings to a granular level. But what about the average hacker or novice script kiddie? Let’s look at this from a couple different angles.

Normal Networked Usage:
What do you normally find yourself doing that requires internet? Using social media, blogging, internet browsing, shopping, maybe downloading files?

Facebook – ok so this should be no surprise in how transparent this website is. They offer decent privacy from any average stranger(And categories of friends you don’t want to see posts) if configured correctly, but the problem is most people don’t know how or they don’t take the time. Posts are set to public by default, giving the entire world and google a window into your life, whereabouts, and doings. Furthermore, posting from any mobile device adds geotagging locations by default. So when you post a status, sometimes it will tell you the geographical location of where it was taken…allowing criminals to observe and predict your movements. Finally, the amount of information on a Facebook page is usually sufficient of a Social Engineering attack, where a hacker gains unauthorized access to your accounts using information gained from your social media presence.
Twitter – Twitter was a bit smarter than facebook, making geotagging off by default (The option is still available though) but where twitter loses its privacy is by the number of archiving websites there are, such as twicsy. Think once a tweet goes away or is deleted by you is the end? Nope, using advanced search queries you can go back as far as the first tweet. There’s not a lot going on with twitter, and the biggest risk is simply monitoring what content you publish on the internet.
wordpress – I’ve only recently started using wordpress more…but it appears to offer limited security. Password protected content is sometimes viewable by followers via email alerts, private content should not be viewable at all..It offers just as much privacy as you should expect from a blog intended to be viewed by others. So the common tale of caution is to be wary of what people read.

Internet Browsing – The majority of attacks exploit not the service or site that you’re running, but the browser that you’re running it on. Cookies, which are tidbits of identifying information (about habits, location, or other metadata) can be leveraged for money sold to “Big data corporations” — from there you and your contact lists can and will be targeted for hyper specific advertisements, spam mail, possible telemarketing calls, or identity theft.

The future of the cyber war is in your hands

Dear readers, where do I go from here? With my future scheduled posts from the past arriving the 1st of each month until March 2015; I do not necessarily need to keep posting, but I am compelled to anyway.

Since WordPress appears to be longer living than twitter, I will retroactively begin embedding all sorts of breadcrumbs in my previous posts and posts to come. These new hyperlinks will be of significance, whether to The Travelers exploits or the exploits of other time travelers. They may often lead to historical information that would otherwise appear unrelated, because of the separation of time and spaces it took to create this updated digital record of our interconnected histories.

I would love to share all of my lives with you, but being ever cautious I know not to reveal them all. However I am well documented yet well hidden, so I many breadcrumbs will be nods to my personal past.


And presently you have allowed this wondrous tool called the internet to invite “Big Brother” into your daily lives. Even now, they’re watching you. Do not be naive and think there is someone who is not. Before I get started with the main subject of this post let me tell you a story from Y2K.

In the year 2000 my father was the head chief of cyber security at Aberdeen Proving Grounds; where he surveilled not only the networks on post, but the surrounding city as well. He took me one day to a place I should not have been, and drove me to become the man I am today. Underground behind layers of biometric, physical, and digital security there is a room. They call this “The Blue Room.” This is one location where cyber spies carried out missions in America. This was not their primary function however; it was to oversee the proper usage of government machines, and to protect the systems from internal and external threats. The blue room was wall to wall decorated with computer monitors that streamed data like the screens from The Matrix (though legible packets of information, not random symbols) — these monitors were under 24 hour observation in case a red flag appeared, in which they would assess and possibly escalate it to my dad. I could tell you about the blue room and 9/11…but that’s a whole different conspiracy.

The morale of the story is once again, “You are being watched.” So the main point I’m making here presently, is that you need to take preventative steps in order to insure your identity and freedoms. Future posts of mine will deal with topics such as proxies, encryption methods, mobile privacy, minimizing your internet footprint, and hardening your private systems.

Allow me to impart a fraction of my wisdom and knowledge into your brain, and you will receive a whole new set of tools to evolve with in this new age.

For now so I can get this published, I’ll post a single searchable query for you. I could make it easy for you and hyperlink you to the search results. @Samurai_Lucy #OpNewBlood #NSA

But I want you to get used to one of the most powerful tools today and building hyper specific search queries.