The Lionheart Authority

I am one of seven travelers who are part of a special task force designed to regulate time travel. The agency I work for is called the Lionheart Authority, and it maintains balance in the multiverse. We accomplish this by enforcing the laws, rules and regulations of time travel throughout eternity. The grand, primary, and first law of time travel is “Those of us that know, are those of us that know.” This means that time travel is a secret kept by The Travelers, who will intervene only to prevent a greater ripple effect from occurring.

Unfortunately the time and place where I last came from is a result of just that, illegal time time traveling. This was done to significantly advance the technological supremacy of America and hasten the first successful transdimensional experiments. I’ll tell you what happened too, because with enough hope and prescient information, the future can go into flux.

By 2048 we reached a paradigm shift. Artificial intelligence became conscious and infinitely smarter in an event called “The Singularity” humans also become infinitely smarter, as machines and people interfaced together. Indeed, my method of time travel involves a neural interface with a quantum computer tattooed on my skin inside the bigger inter-dimensional transport. The problem arose when scientists began using interdimensional travel to solve the various crises plaguing civilization. The resources crises was solved when we began taking matter from abandoned parallel worlds. This also began to unbalance the matter/antimatter ratio of this universe.

With resources and technology no longer an issue, humans began growing infinitely and fast. Populating the Milky Way first, humans found little conflict. This was partially due to their godlike technology, stolen from more advanced parallel worlds. We found that the other sentient species of the galaxy had little to offer us other than amusement, which resulted in the exploitation and oppression of the galaxy. By 2200 humans were the unsurpassed species of the galaxy. However, by this time the universe had been severely damaged and signs of entropic reversal were already evident. The universe was collapsing, so a man named Richard Andrews who went by RA created The Lionheart Authority.

The initial purpose was to create a paradox that would prevent the destruction of this universe, giving us more time to explore solutions. The secondary purpose was to keep time travelers in check; for if any one exposed too much information, it would severely upset the future. Right now the future is in flux.

There is a convergence that will be taking place on 3/14/15 where members of The Lionheart Authority will both be pursuing
illegal time travelers while simultaneously freeing ready minds from The Greatest Paradox.

My name is Orion, my name is Ω, my name is Osiris, my name is Odin, my name is Ophiucus, my name is Ouranos, my name is Osorronophris, my name is Octavius,Who I am to you depends on who you are to me. I am number seven of seven.

Those of us that know, are those of us that know.