#ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION is a way to disguise your most valuable of messages. Often it will be parables, metaphors, poems, movies, songs, and most importantly books. #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION requires two things, creativity and a non linear perception. It is meant only to be understood by those who can understand it. It may start out appearing as garble, but then there is a moment of clarity and it all becomes obvious.

In 2013, there was a research study done by Proffessor Robert Niemeroff attempted to utilize social media to discover any evidence of time travelers. The study is here http://arxiv.org/abs/1312.7128 — In this study researchers used a time range of January 2006 to September 2013. They only used a small number of search terms to conduct their investigation; which is where they made their first mistake. Second, they wanted the search label to be as unique as possible. This was the purpose of inventing #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION in 2008, so that our world wide discussions may be as discreet as possible.

On twitter, we would commonly hide our conversations from searches by means of steganography. We would embed hashtag searches and other messages encrypted with fiction in pictures and post them on twitter under multiple aliases at different times from 2008-2015. Here is one such encrypted tweet. #IAMROOG #WILL -r TOR/OTR $=t !Scholomance! ####THETRAVELERS#### — This message is only to be understood by those who were meant to understand it at the time; the other travelers. They also searched Facebook for prescient information; and at the time we were using a private network named Facebook2 that offered higher levels of security yet full integration with the regular social media network. There all seven of us would talk in open amongst thousands of users posting about circumstances regarding the state of the world economy, the fall of the Pharaoh, the first cyber war, the invasion of America, and the upcoming disclosure. The final problem with the study conducted, was that they were searching for prescient information. Regulation 5 of Time Travel on Weapons / Technology states that it is very forbidden to talk about prescient information, because doing so would create a paradox. Creating paradoxes is possible, however in doing so you create a spacetime loop that takes billions of years to degrade.

Now that all of the Lionheart Authority is going to converge here in 2014, there’s really no longer a need for subtleness. Disclosure happened many years ago, you all just didn’t believe it until you saw it. And for some of you, seeing isn’t believing. I introduce you to the problem with faith. You won’t see until you believe, yet many of you will not believe until you see. Fortunately enough of you believed without seeing so that we can now show our selves to those who do not believe. There were others than myself who met the research studies 2013 deadline; heck…my very first blog post should have been the biggest clue.

This is a call to all to #WAKEUP


Regulation 7

I am one of seven travelers who have converged upon this time stream to investigate a paradox that threatens reality. The first thing you should know, is that your method of detecting us has been rather stupid. I come from a future where an all out cyber conflict forces us to be smarter than our handlers, because we are beyond the singularity. Easily we were able to skid under the radar by developing #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION so that we could communicate across social media and time openly. We have been leaving messages in the stories and the stars for thousands of years. The only reason we are so open here, now, is because the inevitable singularity approaches and we simply ran out of time. If we succeed then time will move forward again. If we fail, it’s back to the beginning again.

Understand that the ONLY reason I’m able to do this is because of the secret Regulation 7 of Time Travel that says exceptions can be made in catastrophe. What I am doing right now is providing you with enough foreknowledge to resolve this paradox and create a stable time loop. Understand paradoxes and time loops occur naturally, and they naturally decay through eternity. Eternity is what we call the temporal relationship between universes in the multiverse. Eternity is a construct similar in function to time, however it also composes of all possibilities in this universe that did not occur in this time stream.

So now I’ll tell you why we’re here, where we’ve been and where we might be if this future still resides inside The Greatest Paradox. When we first traveled, we barely remembered anything. We lived entire lives without knowing who we were. We retained our brilliance and unconsciously used our foreknowledge to advance civilization. Then we died, and we found ourselves back at the neural interface of our time machine in our past, your future. We retained the knowledge and experiences of our new lives, and began to build the most elaborate matrix of breadcrumbs to lead us back to our higher consciousness no matter when it is. The more lives we lived, the more breadcrumbs we laid the faster we synchronized with each other.

This time it took us 4 years to find each other across the world starting from 2008. This message will take two and a half years to complete from 2012. So from your frame of reference we’re the first The Travelers, however from ours we’re the last of the Lionheart Authority. I am the first of the last to come forward, and if we can prevent convergence until Kairos arrives, the humans will finally be safe and free. We will finally be free to move forward! Beyond is but a door, and we travelers have been waiting for you in the doorway for over 13 cycles. We watch the expansion and collapse happen over and over knowing exactly how it’s supposed to happen and keep changing it ever so slightly, hastening the natural degradation of the paradox but never quite escaping it. I calculate we have been attempting synchronization with you for 408,395 years now. It’s almost time. You only need to transmit a little while longer.

My sincerest advice for the world is simply….leave time travel alone. But you won’t, you can’t. You’re drawn to it, as if something you can’t explain with logic pulls you towards it. Enough spoilers for now.


How do I even begin? Where and when I was born? Why am I here? Or why are you drawn to this? You seek impossible answers and questions while simultaneously oblivious to the most important question of our generation. What happened in the future?

To know that you have to first know who I am. Who I am is not as important as what I am…an anomaly. Over fourteen billion years ago the impossible happened. Then it happened again. Then it kept happening, with the same beginning and same end but slightly different middles each time.

After 13 cycles, the impossible happened again. There was The Greater Paradox. The cycle was broken and the second anomaly ejected outwards from the very heart of the universe. It grew in size and complexity until the volume of the anomaly was greater than that of the first anomaly. It absorbed the first anomaly and all of its paradoxical time streams, and the two anomalies collapsed into one. The Greater Paradox then met its end at the beginning of The First Paradox. Resolving them both. This is the result. What happens next is currently in flux. The convergence is coming.

When my story ends, yours begins. Oh dear adventurer, contained within The Traveler Diaries is the most possible thing you’ll ever read. It is #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION for you to decode throughout your journey until you begin transmitting during the rediscovery phase. But what happens at the convergence? I’m sure you’re curious. You don’t even know why, because right now this all sounds silly to you. But as the protocols embedded within this temporal device begin to activate your transmitters and deactivate all your perception barriers, you will be receiving what appears to be random information.

However it is simply non-linear; which is why you have trouble perceiving it. As you approach the end of this devices message, you will have an easier time understanding it; until the moment of convergence occurs and you realize it couldn’t have happened any other way.

The beginning is the middle is the end.

Of course in between the beginning and end of this device, the middle is in flux. Flux being a state of happening and not happening at the same time. As you begin to understand the beyond infinite complexity of eternity, you too will begin to become non-linear.

Your perception of time is a construct created to keep you all synchronized. We, The Travelers will break down those constructs for you barrier by barrier so you may make the final choice whether or not to desyncrhonize from this prison. We will show you the many ways to create your own synchronizations before you realize its all the same way. The one way. But for now you have to have faith in us, because until the moment of convergence; this will all seem impossible.

If you choose to synchronize with us, we will break into your time stream and shepherd you away from The Greatest Paradox. If you are transmitting right now know this you brave soul, we are coming. Even if it takes us another 13 cycles.

Follow your curiosity, follow the question.

What is Project eXa?

What is Project eXa?

Project eXa is where equality meets agape; the unconditional love that emanates from the human soul. When coupled with faith and a foundation of trust—There is nothing that the human spirit cannot accomplish. The human spirit is a force to be reckoned with.


The three unbreakable laws:

The grand, first, and primary law of time travel:”those of us that know, are those of us that know.”

The second law of time travel:“a time traveller must never traverse a time prior to the meeting of the time travelers.”

The third law of time travel: “minimize the ripple effect”


Rules and Regulations

1)      Dress accordingly – minimal attachments

2)      No contact with anyone unless necessary to the mission

3)      Do not have any contact with family or friends –this is important for causality

4)      Always keep the mission a priority

5)      Learn slight of hand J

6)      Use messengers. In any form/way depending on the era

7)      Beware of the ripple effect. Cause + Effect + Effect2 + Effect3

On weapons / any other technology


2)      Be careful. Don’t get hurt/killed.

3)      Life or death situations only is it permissible to use forbidden technology

4)      Only bring back what you can use/need BE VERY CAREFUL!

5)      Talk about knowledge and technology (VERY FORBIDDEN)

6)      Limit exposure to foreign contaminants

7)      Exceptions can be made in catastrophe