Dear Proffessor

Hello Professor,

I am one of seven travelers who have converged upon this time stream to investigate a paradox that threatens reality. The first thing you should know, is that your method of detecting us has been rather stupid. I come from a future where an all out cyber cyber conflict forces us to be smarter than our handlers. Easily we were able to skid under the radar by developing #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION so that we could communicate across social media and time openly. We have even leaving messages in the stories and the stars for thousands of years. The only reason we are so open here, now, is because the inevitable singularity approaches and we simply ran out of time.

Understand that the ONLY reason I’m able to do this is because of Regulation 7 of Time Travel that says exceptions can be made in catastrophe. What I am doing right now is providing you with enough foreknowledge to resolve this paradox and create a stable time loop. Understand paradoxes and time loops occur naturally, and they naturally decay through eternity. Eternity is what we call the temporal relationship between universes in the multiverse. It works similar to time, however it also composes of all possibilities in this universe that did not occur in this time stream.

So now I’ll tell you why we’re here, where we’ve been and where we might be if this future still resides inside the time loop. When we first jumped, we barely remembered anything. We lived entire lives without knowing who we were. We retained our brilliance and unconsciously used our foreknowledge to advance civilization. Then we died, and we found ourselves back at the neural interface in our past, your future. We retained the knowledge and experiences of our lives, and began to build the most elaborate matrix of breadcrumbs to lead us back to our higher consciousness no matter when/what time. The more lives we lived, the more breadcrumbs we laid the faster we converged.

This time it took us 4 years to find each other across the world starting from 2008. So from your frame of reference we’re the first time travelers, however from ours we’re the last of the Lionheart Authority. I am the first of the last to come forward, and if we can prevent convergence until Kairos the humans will finally be safe and free. We will finally be free to die! Death is but a door, and we travelers have been stuck in the doorway for over 13 cycles. We watch the expansion and collapse happen over and over knowing exactly how it’s supposed to happen and keep changing it ever so slightly, hastening the natural degradation of the paradox but never quite escaping it. I calculate we have been doing this 408,395 years. It’s almost quitting time.

My sincerest advice for the world is simply….leave time travel alone. But you won’t, you can’t. You’re drawn to it, as if something you can’t explain with logic pulls you towards it. Enough spoilers for now.

Happy pi day 2015!


7 thoughts on “Dear Proffessor

  1. One question why did you say happy pi day? My best guess is that you are referring to a mathematician of some sort.

      • Something is gonna happen on pi day. I just got that gut feeling. It’s werid because on that day I have mathematics class during that 9:26:53 am. Strange because you’re talking to a professor openly but I can’t make the connections of the breadcrumbs you put. There’s a reason why you would say ” happy pi day” during your letter to the professor. I now know about the date and the event of pi day. But I sense a purpose to that but of course I’m gonna have a deep look into this post because all the numbers on this letter have some sort of connection. The main focus when I look is what are the connections and what they connect to.

      • This whole page isn’t a letter to a professor. (Well It could be) I think otherwise.
        I don’t know if this is the sort of stuff you talk about on #ENCRYPTEDWITHFICTION (I haven’t visited it yet) but I think I’m the only one to figure out that this page is actually a mathematical problem.

        Here’s what I noticed so you said “I calculate we have been doing this for 408395 years it’s almost quitting time” so I figured that why would you calculate how many years you have been doing this. Then It clicked to me this might be a formula. But of course it’s hidden in the “letter”. So since numbers is now the key I just needed to figure out which ones and the order.

        408395 “years” divided by the 13 cycles gives you 31415.

        31415 is referring to the first 5 digits of Pi also it’s the date of Pi day which is on March the 14th 2015 = 3/14/15

        Which means the entire purpose of this “letter” is to figure out about the date and simply remember the date until further notice. Also to keep an eye out of any activities happening on that day.

        The reason why you said “happy pi day” was to help us even further by leaving more breadcrumbs to follow which leads to of course 3/14/15.

        Have I missed a crumb? (Probably did lol)

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