The Future Cyber Soldier Convention

I wanted to give some of my background here as to my credentials I carry with me.
I hold a CompTia A+ Certification, Network+ Certification, Security+ certification, and a CEH certified ethical hacker certification. I became involved in cyber espionage when I was in my teens. My father was the head chief of cyber security for Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and a developmental leader in the Natick future soldier program prior to 1999. He had such incredible foresight he made his fortune on emerging technologies. This caught the attention of some british cyber security specialists to recruit him in an international team of elite hackers. I began working for British Security when I turned 18, and since then have anonymously carried out campaigns of international intelligence. I so artfully disguised my messages that I was able to remain anonymous even after the NSA implemented Rule 41. The only reason I’m so public now is because I have seen the ethical corruption of international intelligence, and I for one will always abide by the principles and ethics of the intelligence community… matter what universe I’m in.

One such mission I carried out recently was intercepting a message between Australian spies who were attempting to trade secret information regarding American time travel experiments. Myself and six others took to Sydney in search of up to nine potential time meddlers. After much chasing down of disinformation I found three Australians, three Americans, a Canadian, and two British spies we once affiliated with sharing an ad hoc network at a coffee shop in Kensington, Sydney. I launched an arp poison attack and received over 10 Gigabytes of research and investigations of time travelers. I found myself and my allies among this information, so one by one I tampered with their data to stricken me from their suspicions. They left none the wiser.

Nonetheless the experience gave me hundreds of potential time travelers to investigate, which hastens the convergence to 2015, and allows me to advance my own agendas. My interactions with a few unique individuals has also led to some very interesting fluctuations in previously calculated probabilities. That’s the thing about time, it changes yet remains the same.

2 thoughts on “The Future Cyber Soldier Convention

  1. This happened at Kingston Sydney. I live less than 40km from there. Well that’s a great example of how sneaky spies are. Maybe I might find some sort of report to see if you guys got away stealthy. Anyways thanks for the breadcrumb you gave me. I will look into it soon enough and possibly get back to you when I got something.

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